Thursday, May 18, 2006

Christmas came early...

I thought I would make an announcement, for two artists highly commended in their work and throughout these blogs, and both people who I admire very much...

Jose Lopez has released his first sketchbook 'Mariachi Samurai Vol:1' to the tune of a limited 1,000 copies (so hurry everyone!)

I recently recieved my copy and it is worth every penny, and a great inspiration to me.

For more information on Jose and how to get your own copy of his book, then visit his blog here:

...Another great artist and well known to many of us is Uwe HeidSchoetter, a very talented German guy who has finally immortalised his girl sketches in a new book, coming soon, entitled, 'Augenblick'. I personally can't wait! ...But you have to be quick, there's a 'very' limited run of 150 numbered and signed, so be quick! Details can be found at Uwe's blog here:

As for me, I have nothing to show yet, sorry guys...I'm snowed under at work, but soon as I have time then I'll be posting some new stuff :)



Blogger Jose Darias said...

.I really like the Mariachy Samuray Cover , ..i think that this have a great style!.
.What is this ? , ..are only sketches ? , or a comic book?

10:36 AM  
Blogger JOSE LOPEZ said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks for posting about my book and I'm glad you like it. I'm a big fan of your work.



2:08 PM  
Blogger Oliver Kurth said...

Hi Mark!

Thanks for your kind comments on our blog "Die Bilderwumme". The translation means something like "Picture Gun". So every day we try to shoot out a new picture. (Does that make sense?) Hope you'll visit us again!

I'm sure Uwe will be delighted for your kind comments on his sketchbook. I'll tell him. I already saw the first test-print and it looked great!

I subscribed your blog in Thunderbird. So we'll keep an eye on you ;-)


5:11 PM  
Blogger Mark said...


The cover is excellent yeh, probably one of my favourite pieces of recent times. The book is about 85% sketch book insights, and a few colour sketches thrown in for good measure ;)...a great little coffee table book full of go bag it!

Mr. Lopez:

...Blimey, I didn't expect to see you here! Great to hear from you :D ...I'm very touched you like my stuff :)...Hope to see you again soon, and hope the book does well... :)


Nice big comment for me to read :) ...Thankyou for checking the blog out, and best of luck to you seeing you soon! :)

Cheers Guys!

1:13 AM  
Blogger Chris Sims said...

Yo, Mark, thanks for stopping by earlier. You have a really cool gallery here showcasing a lot of variety. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you.

btw, I just ordered the Mariachy Samurai. I can't wait to look through it. Is there any images from the Batman inside of it?

11:26 AM  
Blogger Eric "The Gute" Gonzalez said...

Hey Mark, thanks for visting my blog! Also thanks for the honor of putting me in your links, wow! As soon as I have time to set my links up again, you will be in there for sure. Your blog is awesome, beautiful work!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Nori chan said...

thanks for the comment. ^^ i'm sorry i didnt post back sooner, i havent had the time to get on my blog lately but i updated mine with two new sketches.. i have to learn how to combine two or more img's in a post.. =_=;; anyway, thanks!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Antonio Santamaria said...

Hi Mark! I know the work of Jose Lopez but not the Uwe Heidschoetter's one... and I've visited his blog and it's amazing too. Thanks for it... and when a new post of you! I can't wait no more!!!

3:45 PM  
Blogger Adriaan said...

you call that christmas come early? I call that Christmas come... fuckie.

good to see there's still some peas on the floor...

6:34 AM  
Blogger Danarchy said...

I agree those are two Vary good books, thi si my firts time to you blog I think and I am blown away you yourself are a amzing artist.. Do you have a book? casue if so I wanna buy it

5:26 AM  
Blogger Mark said..., well...thankyou for complement, unfortunately I don't have a book...but at least if I did I'd have sold one copy! :)

Maybe something to think about in the future I guess :)

1:22 AM  
Blogger Leo said...

I'll definitely be checking out those. Too bad you're swamped with work...!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Jontxu said...

Your vision of life is amazing i'm fan of your art, congratulations for this post!!

2:12 AM  

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