Thursday, May 18, 2006

Christmas came early...

I thought I would make an announcement, for two artists highly commended in their work and throughout these blogs, and both people who I admire very much...

Jose Lopez has released his first sketchbook 'Mariachi Samurai Vol:1' to the tune of a limited 1,000 copies (so hurry everyone!)

I recently recieved my copy and it is worth every penny, and a great inspiration to me.

For more information on Jose and how to get your own copy of his book, then visit his blog here:

...Another great artist and well known to many of us is Uwe HeidSchoetter, a very talented German guy who has finally immortalised his girl sketches in a new book, coming soon, entitled, 'Augenblick'. I personally can't wait! ...But you have to be quick, there's a 'very' limited run of 150 numbered and signed, so be quick! Details can be found at Uwe's blog here:

As for me, I have nothing to show yet, sorry guys...I'm snowed under at work, but soon as I have time then I'll be posting some new stuff :)